Photo courtesy of Samsung

For most people, the kitchen is their Mission Control.  It’s where they often gather, where messages paste over their refrigerator door and where recipes or shopping lists are posted. Recognizing this, Samsung has launched its new Family Hub Smart Refrigerator.

Released in May 2016. with a 21.5 inch full HD LCD touch screen on its right-hand-side door where people can order groceries, keep a calendar, stream music, leave notes, watch TV and highlight recipes.  Best of all, with a tap on the screen you can monitor the food inventory inside the refrigerator without ever opening the door thanks to three cameras which update pictures of its contents every time the door is closed.

Finally, there’s an end to “science experiments” rotting away on a lower shelf or the daunting task of keeping on top of expiration dates of the milk and the mayo.  With their Samsung smartphone app, users can access this same information from the office or at the grocery store on Android or iOS devices.  This tech-enabled awareness could save money; according to a study from the Natural Resource Defense Council, an average family of four in the US throws away about $2,275 worth of food annually.

While Samsung also highlighted their new app-based food ordering system in partnership with MasterCard and a couple food delivery partners, more immediate benefits might be home and food organization, plus cutting down on all that food waste.  The sticker price for this smart refrigerator: $5,599.  For that price, easy upgrades and new features to the touch screen will be essential since most refrigerators are in use for more than a decade.

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