Despite the crowds, light-piercing fog and celebratory atmosphere, it was noticeably, ah, quiet, as thousands gathered to dance the night away at the 2016 Mardi Gras celebration in San Diego, California. The latest in wireless technology ushered in a new dance craze on the Silent Disco Stage. Three sets of DJs enticed throngs of party-goers over two separate frequencies as they listened in and danced using wireless, color-marked Sound Off headphones.


Photo: John D. Ivanko Photography

Using the headphones provided by Sound Off Experience, revelers just tuned into one of the two audio channels featuring the beat, rift or melody they liked most. With the ability to easily switch to a different DJ with your headphones, it was like hitting a different nightclub, but without a cab fare or cover charge. And for some, the headphones provided the perfect ice-breaker, you could locate another musical soulmate by their colorful LED-lit set.

“Our system works off a short range radio frequency,” says Castel Valere-Couturier, founder of Sound Off and Sound Off Experience. “We broadcast audio through our transmitters directly into the headphones.”   The transmitters have a range of about 500 yards.

“We have very few issues with frequency interference,” explains Valere-Couturier. “But our clients look to us as a turnkey solution for executing events with wireless headphones so everything runs smoothly, from the backline technology, to the overall guest experience.”

While silent discos have been around for about twenty years, there’s an outpouring of interest. “I’d say that 80- to 90-percent of the people I come across at events are experiencing silent disco for the first time,” observes Valere-Couturier. “I think there are a number of factors that are attributing to all the buzz.   People are craving new experiences. Silent Disco provides an amazing new way to experience music, where you can be completely engaged with the music that you want to listen to at the perfect level while allowing you to be social.”

Depending on the venue, up to three different genres of music can be listened to, providing a lot more personalization of listening experience.   Plus, when you want to talk with someone you’re with, or someone you want to meet, you don’t have to scream over the music to have a conversation.

“It’s an immersive experience,” adds Valere-Couturier.   “You get into your own zone with our headphones on. We often see people who would feel inhibited by most traditional dance clubs really let lose in the silent disco. Our technology allows for the music to really get in your head, and move you.”

With no amplified sound, the Sound Off experience has the potential to transform house parties and quiet neighborhoods like never before.   “Cities are getting tougher on amplified sound, and silent disco is the only solution to keep dance parties going past 10PM without disturbing the neighbors,” affirms Valere-Couturier.   The technology also has feet within other venues, well beyond silent discos.   Yoga, bicycle tours, hospitality and movie entertainment are now Sound Off Experiences, too.

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