Hearing the Extravagant $55,000 Sennheiser HE-1

I’m here to share my experience trying out Sennheiser’s answer to this market, their $55,000 headphones: the HE-1.

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Slick, Sleek and Snug | Audio-Technica CKR5iS Review

Though Audio-Technica is a name known more in the enthusiast audiophile community, I actually believe the CKR5iS is a perfect fit for more casual listeners who are more interested in comfort and construction quality than the fine elements of sound.

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Silent as the Night and Sweet as the Day is Long | Cherry MX Board Silent Review

While certainly not true across the board, Cherry MX, and mechanical keyboards as a whole, are often stereotyped as being a joy to use but far too loud or extravagant for day-to-day work use. I may personally disagree with that notion, but it’s clear that the new...
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What is TechSocket?

TechSocket is a reader’s hub to information, reviews and news regarding the leading edge of technology. With so many choices, features and manufacturers available for products, attempting to find the right device that fits your needs and budget can be a hefty proposition. TechSocket can be your resource to get the most out of your tech purchases. Get informed on a variety of available devices to understand and be confident in your acquisitions.

Take a look into the most impressive innovations that the world of technology has to offer. TechSocket works to share hands-on experiences with future technologies directly to you. Learn about technologies like virtual and augmented reality, IoT and internet security that have the potential to re-invent the way we live our daily lives. Read articles and learn about the evolution of technology, the challenges it holds and how you can take advantage of innovation.

In the world of technology, change moves like a bullet train. TechSocket aims to help keep you up to date on the most intriguing inventions and updates. TechSocket thrives to strike a balance of giving readers a complete scoop with the full spectrum of information while not wasting your time with excessive extraneous details. Content is designed to be quickly read and allow you to walk with all of the valuable details.

Wear and Tear: The Logitech G502 two years later

Back in the spring of 2014, I was hit with the loss of a close assistant, my loyal companion: my Logitech V470 wireless mouse had bit the bullet. This sent me spiraling into a search for a new mouse. Although the V470 had become my weapon of choice for daily... read more
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