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With stories on the most recent technological devices, news and innovations, TechSocket examines the power of tech to augment and enhance our lives.  It helps consumers understand and get the most out of the tech in their life.  From product reviews capturing the latest tech trends and weekly mini-byte news capsules to product back-stories,  TechSocket is the place to plug into tomorrow’s technology, today.

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Product reviews to inform possible buyers with the full spectrum of information that would be valuable to know before they make their purchase. With so many options, features and brands available today, attempting to find the right device that fits your needs can be an undertaking. TechSocket aims to be a guide to help prospective buyers fully understand available products and feel confident in their purchase.

TechSocket - Get a peek into the technologies that can change our future

TechSocket will be host to articles and videos highlighting the cutting edge innovations that the world of technology has on display. Get an early glimpse at disruptive technologies that have the power to change the world’s path. Peer deeper into how the front line of virtual reality, drones, audio, video, computer hardware and all of consumer electronics effect our future world in technology.

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As technology speeds forward like bullet train with rapid innovations, evolution and change, it’s easy to get caught in the dust. TechSocket can be your link to keep up to date on the trends and changes that technology so swiftly presents. TechSocket will bring features on current tech topics directly to you, to keep you queued into the front line of technological innovation.

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Standalone VR units that use your smartphone present a compelling dip of the toe into the ocean that is VR. It won’t compare to tethered units, but at up to one tenth of the cost (not counting the cost of a phone, PC or PlayStation) they present a compelling entry into a futuristic technology. If you want to get or share a real taste of VR, take a look at the PlayStation VR, it offers an impressive experience for a nice middle ground in price.

Liam Kivirist

Buying your first Virtual Reality Headset

In the end, Brut@l is a game that I ended up getting sucked into and investing time to unwind and enjoy all that this stunningly stylized smash-fest had to offer. It tickled the visceral part of my brain. It certainly does have a few flaws and frustrations, but it’s able to push beyond them with creative style and gameplay that delivers the brutally enjoyable combat comfort food only a good old-fashioned dungeon crawling brawler can truly provide.

Liam Kivirist

Brutal Review

While silent discos have been around for about twenty years, there’s an outpouring of interest. “I’d say that 80- to 90-percent of the people I come across at events are experiencing silent disco for the first time,” observes Valere-Couturier founder of Sound Off. “Silent Disco provides an amazing new way to experience music, where you can be completely engaged with the music that you want to listen to at the perfect level while allowing you to be social.”

John D. Ivanko

Silent Disco: Wireless Audio Trend

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